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New Year’s Revelation

I have reached a juncture in my life that requires some decision making.  Six years ago I was newly separated from my husband, floundering for a direction to go and totally freaked out because I needed an income.  My choice was court reporting school.  I never finished it, but it led to working as a transcriptionist for the last six years.  It was steady work and allowed me to stay home.  Those were the good things about it.  It was not a love affair, however.

Someone once said if you want to succeed do what you would do even if you don’t get paid for it.  That has been weighing on my mind over the past few months as I look toward retiring from transcribing.  What do I love?  What do I do even when I don’t get paid for it?  I create and craft.  I love crafting.  I loved my embroidery business, but couldn’t sustain it with all the chaos that ensued with the divorce.  Now, I have the chance to fashion my life again and I think I will do just that.

When I was out of the embroidery business and looking for employment I was told that employers don’t like to hire people that have been entrepreneurs because the truth of the matter is they will go back to owning their own business at some point.  They’re right.  I suppose the thing that drags on me the most in transcribing is the lack of flexibility.  There is no challenge to develop a new niche, find new customers, develop a new product or design, market, socialize, make a profit.  There is nothing in transcribing that starts passion flowing through your veins like there is in owning a business. So, first stop — start my own business again.

Secondly, there is nothing quite so fun as creating.  It’s tedious at times, but choosing from colors, textures and styles makes me happy.  Second, stop — create.

Third, there is nothing so wonderful as watching someone else enjoy what you have made.  Helping someone along the way is very important.  Third stop — share.

I don’t know where this is all going to lead.  I have lots of ideas and lots of information to share.  I’m not good at a lot of things, but maybe by my making mistakes and sharing them with you, you won’t have to make them.

Let’s have fun this year.  Let’s make things that are beautiful and can be enjoyed.  Let’s CRAFT!

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