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Challenge #1 – Counting the Cost

I did some research at the grocery store the other day trying to determine which route to go with the cookie dough.  I always make the assumption that a packaged product is going to cost more than making something from scratch.  After all, the company has to make a profit.

After gathering the cost of eggs, flour, sugar and the more expensive butter and then going to the recipe I downloaded from the Sweetopia site.  I found that #1, that lady at Sweetopia is SERIOUS about making cookies.  Just on the surface of it I’m going to say that all that butter and flour is going to make quite a batch of cookies.  Therefore, when I get to that stage, I will be reducing her recipe as much as possible and sharing the new list of ingredients and how many cookies of what size I got out of it.  The #2 thing is if, as I suspect, her recipe makes 5 times what one packet of Pillsbury Sugar Cookies is going to make then her recipe costs somewhere in the neighborhood of $2.36 to $2.50 to make.  The packet costs $2.99 and then you add a stick of butter ($1.07) and an egg ($.15) and a tablespoon of flour, which I’ll give them since I also didn’t count all the ingredients in the other recipe if they were minimal things.  So, the packet cookies end up costing you $4.21 to make 36 two-inch cookies.

Obviously, you are better off making the cookies from scratch if I can get the recipe down to where you aren’t also buried in cookies.  That is if the “from scratch” cookies taste as good as the packaged cookies.

Here is one other consideration that means something to me.  That is the ingredients.  If you read through the ingredients on the packaged cookies you see this pesky little thing called sodium aluminum phosphate.  Even though Lance Armstrong may have messed up his life big time, I still like his website for health related information.  So, here is the link to LIVESTRONG and the page on aluminum in our diet.  With children being the primary consumers of cookies (because we older folks can’t afford the moment on the lips, forever on the hips syndrome) I believe it bears consideration.

So, with the new improved recipe, hopefully, and the lower cost, making cookies from scratch should be the choice.  Let’s just mess with the recipe until it tastes really good if it doesn’t already.

One thought on “Challenge #1 – Counting the Cost

  1. Halving the recipe and making it makes about the same amount of cookies as the packaged ingredients. The cost is comparable. The ingredients in the homemade recipe allow you to control the quality of your cookie and you know exactly what you've put into it. Even if the recipe turns out slightly (like less than a dollar) more, I think it is preferable.

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