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Challenge #1 – Baking the cookie

I halved the recipe.  That seemed the easiest since I have no idea how to get half an egg.  Here are my notes on making this recipe:  I have included the recipe under its own page entitled Sugar Cookie Recipe. Previously I thought the cost would be less, but actually with only halving the recipe, the cost is comparable to the pre-packaged cookie mix.

The dough is a lot stiffer than the packaged dough.  I was afraid that I would also have a cookie that had that noticeable “flour” taste to it.  The cookie isn’t as sweet as the packaged cookie, but it is good just the same.  The taste of vanilla is there.  I use a high quality liquid vanilla for cookies and baked goods.  And I beat my egg before adding it.  I don’t know if that was a good thing or not, but I did.

I learned while making the cookie that the actual mixing was easy.  I have a stand alone Kitchen Aid mixer and it can handle almost anything.  I don’t know how it would be if you just had one of those little hand-held mixers.  I think you would have to resort to kneeding the dough at some point and that might not be good.  So, I would not try this recipe if you don’t have access to a good standing mixer.

I have always used the flour the surface and flour the dough method of rolling out cookie dough.  Because I feared I already had enough flour to taste it, I used her method of rolling it out between parchment paper.  I am quite the novice at this, but I found that only when the dough is adequately chilled can you roll it out between the paper and then it is a very tough thing to do — I now have biceps like Popeye.  Just kidding, but it was hard to do.  If I use her recipe again I may try my method with the flour.

That said, if you use this recipe when you get to the step where you are going to roll it out between the parchment paper to chill the dough for the first time, roll it into a sheet as close as possible to the thickness you will want for your cookie because believe me you’re not going to be able to roll it evenly after you chill it if you can roll it at all.

Once you have it chilled and you cut out your cookies then you will have to repeat the procedure of rolling out the dough between the parchment paper and chilling it again.  If you don’t and just proceed to trying to cut out another batch of cookies you may find, as I did, that your dough sticks very nicely to the paper.  And has become so pliable that you can’t get a decent shaped cookie up off the paper to put on the cookie sheet.

The first batch I did was way too thick and spread mercilessly.

Undaunted by my amateur efforts I decided to take my cookie cutter and cut the cookie again.

This left a little trim which also allows you to see how much the cookie had spread largely due to being too thick in the first place.  And afterwards I once again had the perfect cookie.  I’ve wanted to try this since at Christmas I make mitten cookies and they never look as pretty after I cook them as when I cut them out.

Now I have a nice round cookie to ice.  The edge is not as pretty as the edge would be had I not re-cut the cookie.  And I wonder if there might be some problem with icing and serving, but that will have to wait for the next installment

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