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Even Dough Bands

I was thinking through the various problems I had with the cookie dough and came upon this idea.  I remember when I was playing with fondant I bought a little roller that had bands on it that would allow me to roll out my dough a certain thickness.  The thought occurred to me that surely someone had come up with the same thing for rolling pins.  And they have!

There are three sources that I know of Williams and SonomaBed, Bath and Beyond and Crate and Barrel. The only one I have easy access to is Bed, Bath and Beyond, but I found the rolling pin spacers on sale at Crate and Barrel this morning and ordered them.  They have since sold out, evidently, as they are no longer offering them on-line.  Perhaps they will restock.  I hope so because they are sold alone and very reasonable.

I can’t wait to receive mine and try them out.  A solution to what has been a tedious problem for me since I am not a professional cookie maker or baker.  I want good results, but I can’t spend hours practicing the art of rolling dough out evenly.

In my order from Crate and Barrel I also bought a new spatula for my mixer that will automatically scrape the edges of the mixing bowl.  I can’t wait to try that out too because that is another troublesome thing using the Kitchen Aid and always has been.  When you stop and drop the bowl to scrap the edges you still can’t get it completely because the blade circles around the bowl and ends up near the edge at some point every time you stop it.

Stay tuned because I will definitely be reviewing what I think of these two helpful little additions to my kitchen.

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