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New Gadgets

My order arrived from Crate and Barrel yesterday.  My excitement soon became mild irritation because I looked at the specs on the rings and specifically ordered a rolling pin that they should have fit on.  However, they are larger than the rolling pin.  And that means they will move as I roll out dough and I will have to fight them the entire time.  After giving it some thought and licking my wounds for a bit, I’ve decided to take one over to Bed, Bath and Beyond and see if I can find a rolling pin that they will fit tightly on.  In other words, more money.  This is one of the main reasons I try to avoid buying extra equipment and appliances.  It always seems to lead to another purchase of some sort to make it work.  However, I probably needed a new rolling pin since I believe I’ve somehow bent the rod that goes through my old one.

I am excited about the new paddle for my mixer though.  I am going to love not having to scrap down the sides of the bowl.

I’m going to move on from cookies a bit and go back to a project I have been mulling over since last Fall.  I did a project last year of putting crystal letters on clear glass ornament balls.  And since that time I’ve wanted to try some different designs.  The problem with all that is I couldn’t figure out how to put a straight line on a ball that had a protrusion at the top.  But I think I’ve got a great idea.  If this works out I will have several possible patterns to show.

And I am beginning to plan my Valentine boxes I send out annually to my grandchildren.  I am thinking about ordering the edible designs that you can place on icing.  I’ve been researching the process and have an idea on that too.  So that will be forthcoming.

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