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So Where Did You Get That?

I love bloggers and others that take the time to tell you where they got the elements they use in their crafts.  Today I was revisiting Pinterest because I hadn’t looked at it in ages and came across a link I had saved several years ago.  It’s Save-on-Crafts.  I had found them searching for wood boxes that could be stenciled in the popular “Subway” art you see at all the craft shows.

Another one I thought I might need one day for blank clothing to stencil, screenprint or decorate was Dharma Trading.  Having been in the business, but not currently, I have lost my source for blank clothing and was happy to find a site that had reasonable shirts, dresses and the like in plain white.

Scouring the web has become one of the best ways to gather the things you need to do a project.  The only problem with it is the delay in receiving your order.  That’s why the ever popular Hobby Lobby will remain one of my haunts.  But I have noticed that even Hobby Lobby doesn’t offer quite the diversity I am looking for in glassware and wooden decorative items.  I love instant gratification, but hate being frustrated when I’ve driven all that way only to not find what I am looking for.

Another site I use is Glitz! Hot Fix Crystals.  This is the way to go if you like to “bedazzle” things.  You order in bulk and you pay much less.  Just my tip on the crystals — save all your prescription bottles and after you peel off the labels glue a sample crystal on top and put those crystals in the bottle.  Write on the bottle the size so when you need to reorder you have it.  Life is so much easier when you’re organized.  Ha!  I should talk.  But I try.

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