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Moving Day

Life gets complicated fast, doesn’t it?  After just a few weeks at my old blog location I’ve decided to move over to a WordPress blog location.  I’m never satisfied, it seems.  But after looking at other people’s blogs and seeing that with WordPress I can have categories, which will help a lot in the future.  I’ve made the leap.  Of course, there is a learning curve with this so I’ll be changing and evolving as we go along.

Just to catch you up until I learn how to migrate my old blog into this one, I’m in the process of preparing my Valentine boxes for my munchkins.  This year I’ve really put on the gas and am making cookies with edible art that I designed.  I just got notification that my sugar sheets are on the way.  I can hardly wait to see how they turned out.  And the great thing is they’ll be here in plenty of time for me to get my cookies done and ship them to those waiting hands.  One word of advice on this:  If you don’t intend to do this every year, don’t ever start.  I have found that my little ones forget nothing — ever.  I have been told by my daughter that the speculation on the Valentine boxes starts as early as February 1st when their schools start preparing for the holiday.  It takes no time at all for those little brains to recollect that Nanny has sent them something every Valentine Day of their life and for her not to do so would probably be some kind of major world-wide upheaval.  I wonder if I’ll still be “cool” when they’re in college.

Okay, back to trying to figure this out.  Umm…

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