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Ah, Yoga

When we belonged to a gym I was in the yoga class they offered.  Time and obligations got me off my routine and I stopped going.  But the other day I found a cheaper than dirt yoga DVD in the clearance bin at the grocery store, of all places.  I started using it last week and I am once again in love.

I know that in the past there have been pastors who believe that practicing yoga is somehow evil or wicked, anti-Christian per se.  Unfortunately, I am one of those lovers of Jesus Christ that also believes our bodies were created by God and can use some fine tuning every once in a while.  I am not opposed at all to consulting ancient civilizations on the matter.  Whereas I’m not so into the spiritual aspects of yoga, I do understand how centering and calming one’s self can help.  Not to mention the stretching really helps all those tight, tight muscles that I have.  But my main purpose for taking up yoga again is weight loss.  Supposedly it will help me lose weight.  To make it even more pressing I’ve decided to add my journey to my blog.  I don’t feel quite like exposing all my flaws so I’ll leave my particulars out.  I will take a picture that should I have success I’ll post later as a before to my after.

I did a little research to see what about yoga would cause you to lose weight and all I found was that it makes you more mindful of what is going in your mouth.  Really?  You mean I might actually start thinking about it when I grab that morning soft drink?  We shall see.  We’ll know I’ve crossed some kind of line when I replace it with water.  My breakfast is not that bad, yogurt and turkey sausage.  However, it’s what I do with my food the rest of the day that gets me.  Speaking of which, I’m going to be making another Southern Living recipe today.  I’m sure it’s not fattening.  It’s just pork loin wrapped in applewood smoked bacon.  No calories in that, I’m sure.  I’ll stand up while I’m eating it, that should help.

So, here’s to yoga.  In my experience I’ve never met a fat yoga instructor.  Hopefully that means something.

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