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Plays Well by Herself

Some of us had a category on our report cards in kindergarten that indicated whether or not we could play well alone.  I always got an “E” in that category.  Yes, I could play well alone and actually preferred to play by myself most of the time.  As a child I built elaborate Barbie doll houses out of boxes and scraps of material and little bits of this and that I found along the way.  I had tables made out of old Dove face cream jars and little foyer sculptures made out of old perfume bottles.  My parents were kind enough to allow me to spread my habitat across the floor or ping pong table and leave it for days.  Each day required another adjustment to my creation.

In the last week or so my daughter has come across some things that have led her to re-affirm her mother’s introverted ways.  She suggested I read the new book by Susan Cain entitled, “Quiet.”  I haven’t done that yet, but I do have it on my wish list.  Just this week my daughter shared a video of Susan Cain speaking on introversion.


As an introvert I encourage all my fellow introverts to take the time away they so desperately yearn for.  It is in that time that we do our best creating.  But do not neglect to bring your creation back and share it with the world.

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