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And They’re Off


I got my boxes all assembled yesterday and took them to the post office today.  There was a line.  This must be the high volume day for shipping in time for Valentine’s Day.

I know the kids will be excited when they see their boxes full of Valentine fun.  I have three stores I visit usually to pick up various things for their boxes, besides the grocery store.  I usually hit Target, World Market (which is another store under the Target corporation) and Hobby Lobby.  This year they are getting Play Doh with their boxes which will make me almost as popular with their moms as the glow in the dark putty I sent for Halloween.  Target usually has a several items in their Dollar Bins that I can use.  And if all else fails, glow sticks.  Glow sticks are always a hit.


As soon as I can get myself going again I have to finish the curtains.  I’m almost done.  And I’ve figured out the easiest way to make lined curtains.  Then it will be on to the baby shower later this month.  Next month is Easter.  I’ve got to start thinking about that.  I may stick to making some digital Easter designs that I’ll just post to my friends and you.


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