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Burst Training Again

I started the burst training recommended by Dr. Pompa last week.  Then I took a whole weekend off from everything.  No restricted calories, no burst training, but I did walk well over a mile or more at a flea market.  Then today, it was back at it again.  And the burst training exercise was harder than ever.  I went the first round and thought I was going to die.  Waited two minutes and went the second round short 10 seconds of a full minute and knew I was going to die.  Waited three minutes and could only do 40 seconds and felt like I should just collapse.  Even now, 20 minutes later I’m still feeling it.  And I’ve been nauseated.  I don’t know where that comes from.  Do you suppose I really am sick?  Naw, surely not.  Anyway, as with all exercise the first time is great, the second time it gets harder and so on.  Had I not been a big fan of doing all kinds of exercise DVD’s for years I would not know that.  But I’ve been able to persevere before so I should be able to push on through with this too.  OR!  I could claim my age has me and just give up.  No, that’s no fun.  I’ll just keep going and keep telling myself it is going to get better.

I have to say though it is really depressing that you can work out for years.  Have a knee injury that puts you off for months and feel like you never worked out a day in your life when you start back.

Seriously, people, I’m about to throw up.

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