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Getting This off my Chest

I’ve been rather lax lately in keeping up with my posts.  With Fall just a few weeks away that will change, but I have realized that I need an outlet for my “opinions.”  All these posts will be under one category and if you don’t want to read my opinions I completely understand.

This summer was a first for me.  I participated in the “Stand for Life” rally in Austin.  My husband and I made the trip down there twice to show our support for the bill that banned abortions after 20 weeks and required that abortion clinics have the same requirements found in ambulatory surgical centers.  This has been all over the news because Texas, supposedly, passed the most restrictive bill to come out so far.  The bill itself was largely inspired by the horrors of the Kermit Gosnell clinic in Philadelphia.  But sentiment has been moving away from non-restricted abortions for quite some time now.  My belief is that with the addition of sonograms during pregnancy we are more aware that this is really a little human than we were when Roe vs Wade was enacted.

The situation in Austin was very interesting from a number of viewpoints.  First, it was a bold-faced confrontation with Satan and his influence.  Why do I say that?  Because the earmarks were there.  The twisted faces yelling.  The total disrespect for the Rules of Order in the chamber galleries.  There were many signs directed at religion in general, a few specifically directed at Christ.  The actions the opposition wanted to take and did in some cases were beyond the pale in bad taste. But what I love the most about the whole debate is how illogical it is.  That is truly a mark of Satan.  When you can’t see that your argument actually has no basis then you really are “under the influence.”

Why is their argument illogical?  Well, what they want is control over their bodies.  That’s what they kept screaming, “My body. My choice.”  Okay.  Make your choice.  Just do it before you impact another human being.  In other words, choose to abstain and failing that choose to use birth control.  If you choose to use birth control be responsible enough to know that it may fail and know going in that you may create a life and in doing so you have become responsible for that life.  That is what an actual adult would do.  Since a large number of the protesters were college students from the University of Texas, I’m going to assume they have critical thinking skills.  Those skills must have been suspended for some reason.

I am the mother of two girls and that was how they were reared.  They knew when they started dating that if they became sexually active they risked a pregnancy and if a pregnancy occurred there was not going to be an abortion.  They were taught responsibility for their actions.

Yes, you can make the argument for the young woman who is not taught the basics of being responsible.  I get it.  That doesn’t mean I think her unintended child should pay with its life for her lack of responsibility.  As a matter of fact I think the abortion industry preys on these women.  It is a falsehood that you just have the abortion and that is it.  Your body knows that you have been pregnant.  And your body knows that you are no longer pregnant and you have not given birth.  There are many physical and hormonal changes that occur with gestation and birth.  That’s the way God made us (or evolution if you think that way). And most importantly you know you have been pregnant.  And as I often say I don’t know anyone who upon being told they are pregnant thinks, “Oh, I have foreign tissue in my body.”  What you think is – “It’s a baby!”  And once that has happened you can never go back.  You can never say you weren’t pregnant.  For the rest of your life  you have that knowledge.  Unfortunately, for some they also know that they ended a life and they live with that guilt.  Yes, I know that some women know all this and proceed with an abortion anyway.  We must work harder to help them.  We must work harder to save their unborn child.  And we must find avenues that allow for that life and for the mother to continue with her life, sans child if she desires.  There are thousands of people waiting to adopt.  They are the light on the hill for that unborn child.

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