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Why Muslim Imams Won’t Denounce Islamic Terroists

I keep hearing in the news a call for Muslim Imams to denounce the horrific acts of Muslim terrorism being perpetrated around the world. Well, in my humble opinion I wouldn’t hold my breath. Why? Because their holy book, the Quran, specifically states that they are to kill the infidel. And to say they shouldn’t directly contradicts what they’ve been told they should in their Quran.

Christianity, on the other hand, though it has a violent root in the Old Testament, does not have any such blanket command to kill innocent people. God’s commands to cleanse the land prior to occupation in the Old Testament does not stand as a command that goes forth into the future or is it taken as a command for living today. Christianity has a command that has been misapplied, but we have since straightened that out. The command, directly from Jesus, was to go and make disciples. Through the crusades and other forced conversions Christians have learned that force does not get a person’s heart to engage. And without the heart being engaged there isn’t a Christian no matter how many church services one attends.

As with all religions there is a lifestyle that accompanies the belief and for Christianity it isn’t a lifestyle of warring and murdering innocent men, women and children. It is a lifestyle rather of helping them. And many of today’s Christians will help whether or not the person they are helping has a saving knowledge of Christ because the hope is that through their help the person will see Christ in them and want Him in their life.  It is the living out in our lives of the precept that God is love.

So, the Muslim has a very difficult problem to face.  If, in fact they really should not be killing the “infidel” (which is what the world believes), who is usually someone totally innocent of any wrong against them other than their perceived wrong of not believing in Mohammed then they also have to accept that their Quran is wrong.  And that sets up a complete destruction of their faith, again, in my opinion.

My understanding is the violent Islamists of today believe they are at war.  Problem being they are taking this “war” to people that are not attacking them.  Rather they are the ones attacking.  The Christians have already tried this.  It was in the crusades.  It didn’t work.  It won’t work now.  Christians finally came to understand that they had to do things differently and their scripture is such that reinterpreting it did not destroy the whole belief system.  It was obvious that the scripture stood, the interpretation of it didn’t.  At some point there is going to have to be a rethinking of the verses that command the death of every infidel and then we will see if Islam can stand.  The world is not going to let this continue on ad infinitum.  And how they reinterpret their scripture to comply with how the world is going to demand they live is going to determine if they survive.  And how can they survive if they have to admit that their Quran is not a book that they can embrace completely?  That some of what it says is flawed.

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