I’m Still Alive!

I fasted yesterday, the Micheal Mosley way, but still it was a fast.  The big news is I didn’t wake up famished.  I didn’t eat until my normal time to eat and I didn’t eat a ton of breakfast, just my normal breakfast.  And I’m not finding I’ve got See-Food disease either.  You know where you see food and you eat it.

I started the day off with one scrambled egg made with a little water and two strawberries, no sugar.  That held me until around 1:30, 2:00 in the afternoon and then I ate a large salad taking my cues from the South Beach Diet.  I didn’t finish the salad.  Then I was okay, but not great until the evening at which time I had a very small piece of chicken.  I had started feeling rather lethargic so I was ready to go to bed early and knowing that once asleep I wouldn’t know I wasn’t eating I opted to go to bed early.  Then I awoke this morning knowing I had consumed somewhere over 400, but under 500 calories yesterday, right on target for what is considered a fast in the 5/2 Diet.

I jumped on the scales this morning because I could tell I was throwing off a lot of inflammation yesterday (in other words I peed a lot, sorry).  And from the last time I weighed, which was not the morning of the fast, until this morning I had lost over three pounds.  Wow!  Now, I don’t expect that three pounds to hold until I fast again on Thursday, but I don’t expect to gain it all back either.

I did learn one very important thing yesterday and that is to plan what I’m going to eat prior to the fast day.  I was a little surprised that my salad was as few calories as it was.  Had I known I was only going to get to around 250 calories with the salad I would have added in some kind of protein.  And the protein would have probably kept me feeling a little better in the evening.  Staying busy helps too.  If you stay busy you aren’t thinking about the Ritz crackers in the pantry.

So, although I’m not eager for the next fast day, I’m not going to quit.  This is doable particularly because after you get to a certain point you can cut your fast days down to one a week.

For me the main point is the loss of inflammation and belly fat.  I absolutely must give my body a rest from all the punishment I put it through.  And that sells me on this diet above all others.