Hawaii – Day 1, The Flight Over

Aloha!  We have been to Hawaii and back.  As promised earlier I will share our trip with all the information that I think would help someone else.  We decided to fly to Hawaii and sail from there then fly back.  That may have been our first mistake or it might have been the best thing we ever did.  I don’t know, maybe someone else can share their experience.  Our cruise ship was Pride of America from the Norwegian Cruise Line.  More on that later.

We did a lay-over in Los Angeles.  That allowed us to stretch our legs and get a bite to eat before proceeding to Hawaii.  However, that put us arriving in Hawaii after 8:00 p.m. which was more like 1:00 a.m. at home.  That being said getting the shuttle to the hotel was a bit tedious.  So, if you fly American to Hawaii and you want to take a shuttle to your hotel, assuming you spend the night before boarding, here is how you get to the shuttle!  Amazing what being exhausted and on your last nerve can do to you at 1:00 a.m. your time.  We did actually stop and ask the guy sitting at the information desk how to get to the shuttle, but that was almost no help at all.  I noticed when we went back there was no one sitting there so I don’t know what you do in that case.  Unless!  Of course, you have read this blog.  Then you’ll know what to do.  So, American dumps you off at the end of a long concourse.  You go down that concourse toward the baggage claim area.  Go to baggage claim “D” and you will pick up your shuttle outside the terminal at “D.”

The shuttle takes you on a mini-tour of Honolulu.  We stayed in a hotel in Waikiki which is the beach area.  Very nice hotel.  I was amazed that it had no front door nor windows.  It is open to the atmosphere and everyone else all the time.  The elevators have a lock out though.  If you don’t have a room key you aren’t going up in the elevator.

Orchard Lei

Orchard Lei

We stayed at the Marriott Beach because Norwegian has an office there and they run their shuttle to the ship from there.  We checked in early and received an orchard lei.  Sorry to say the real flower leis made me itch.  So I just took a picture and called it all good.

Since the hotel sits open to the skies the birds take advantage of that.  This became a fascination with me while we were there because I’ve never eaten a meal in a building with birds walking around my feet.  Not that I minded.  I thought it was pretty cool.

Pigeon on the Approach - in the lobby of the hotel!

Pigeon on the Approach – in the lobby of the hotel!

 Mahalo — until tomorrow.