You’ve Got Mail

The notifications are coming in.  I’m going to be receiving a few packages really soon.  My edible art Valentine cookie transfers should be here any day.  Pictures will follow.  Yesterday I got notification that material I’ve ordered to make draperies for the living room and dining room has been shipped.  One catch, they’ve only shipped the lining.  That creates stress in no uncertain terms.  I don’t really need 19 yards of lining if I’m not going to get the curtain material too.  I did check the site and they said my order was “being processed.”  I hope that means they’re cutting and packaging the curtain material.

Motivated by an upcoming shower at our house I am taking on a glacial remodel of the front room which combines our living room and dining room.  You see this is my second marriage and this is my husband’s house and he will be the first to tell you he is no decorator.  And he’s right about that!  As a matter of fact, left to his own devices, he would have a hanging florescent light with a folding table and chair and call it good.  While I, in the meantime, am consulting my color wheel, getting samples and plotting a dramatic revitalization of a dated room.

We have a little dance we do when I get the remodel bug because he really doesn’t want to let go of his control, but he recognizes he doesn’t know anything about decorating.  His idea of color is white, white and another shade of white.  So, I take it slow and try not to announce the more shocking aspects of my plans.  Like the fact that someday I want to completely re-face the fireplace or a little touch of orange would really pop with the blue and brown base colors in the front room.

Today, though, I have to devote to getting the oil changed in my car and returning my samples to Joann’s.  Maybe I’ll have some surprises when I get home.