It’s Raining, It’s Pouring, the Old Man is Snoring

Easter Eggs

I can hear the rain outside my window today.  I need to go get a gift for the baby shower this weekend, but I’m procrastinating because of the rain… and it is still kind of early in the day.  So, to pass the time, I’ve corrected the artwork I slapped up yesterday.  Being ever the perfectionist, I couldn’t stand it that all my drop shadows were wrong.  Well, the large majority of my drop shadows were wrong.  The light comes in from one angle and the shadow follows that angle.  And I like intense colors so I needed to increase what is known as the edge on the fill so it would go to a much deeper color within the shape.

Drop shadows have always fascinated me because they are really an optical illusion.  They make the shape pop off the page and look three-dimensional, but it is really two-dimensional.  I have limited resources on what I refer to as shaping of graphics.  I own Corel Draw, an older version.  And that has quite a bit you can do to shape things, but I find myself wanting more.  That may be something I explore in the year ahead.  I may be looking for either the updated version of Corel Draw or something else.  I used to work in Photoshop, but it is so expensive.  But Photoshop has the capability to do a little more with developing a three-dimensional looking shape.  I still have a very old version of it on my PC, but I hardly ever use it finding Corel Draw much more user friendly, at least to this user.  I cut my teeth on vector graphics and can hardly stand to use anything but.  Although, for the blog I have to convert to a bitmap.  Still, I love the crisp lines you get with vector artwork.

I have noticed that a lot of the home crafting tools like Silhouette and the like have vector based programs they run.  Which makes it that much more exciting when you are already versed in the art form. After we get into the summer I want to explore some of the various uses for a Silhouette, like “bedazzling” something.  Right now though, I need to get dressed so I can hit Hobby Lobby soon after they open.  I want to see what options are available to me for egg shapes.  I want to start creating some eggs for decoration and I’m not too sure my frugal husband could stand it if I bought 18 eggs, blew out the insides and threw them away so I could have the shells.  He might faint.

Just a tip:  I did see the other day that if you plan to keep the egg and you want it dyed that you should die it before you blow it out.  Oh?  Hummmm.