Vinegar and Food Coloring

Easter EggsLast year sometime I saw an article on Pinterest about using dyes that are natural.  I loved the muted colors.  Here is a link to the blogger that posted the idea first.  Natural Dyed Eggs.  But the whole thing got me thinking, why does that work and can I expand on that idea.

It works because of the vinegar.  (Yes, I didn’t know all this.  I had to research it.)  The acid of the vinegar works on the base of the egg. If you’ve ever done the “rubber egg” experiment you have seen the end result of leaving an egg in an acid.  The vinegar makes it possible for the color of the dye to enter the shell of the egg and tint it.  That being said the last time my husband made beets I found myself looking at the juice wishing I had a boiled egg to try and dye just to see what happened.

Which brings me to my next problem.  How do I convince my husband to blow out his egg in the morning instead of cracking it.  How fun would it be to have all those egg shells around every time a good color came up in the juice of something and use the juice to dye the egg shell.  I might turn into a formidable rival for the Easter Bunny.

The other thing is, why are we buying all these little “kits” to dye eggs with?  I know my children always got so excited when they appeared in the grocery store aisles because that meant Easter was on the way.  But you don’t have to buy them.  You can use food coloring (the little liquid kind) that you probably already have and vinegar and accomplish the same thing AND mix the colors until you get your own unique colors for your eggs.  All you have to do is get your cups, one for each color.  Put in your water.  Enough to cover the egg, but not spill out of the cup.  Add a tablespoon and a half of vinegar.  And then add drops of food coloring.

Since I’ve just taken all the joy out of it for the children because they didn’t get to buy the little kits.  Try loading up on some stickers with shapes to put on the eggs.  Then dye them.  Then pull off the stickers and see what you have.

There are tons and tons of ideas on egg dying so I will be devoting several blogs this coming month to the different things you can try.  For now I’m going to go research the very best way to blow out eggs and start collecting them.  No need in having to do this again and again every year.  What if I come up with some real masterpieces?  I certainly want to keep those.