Family Tree Stamp Set

Yesterday while I was wandering around Hobby Lobby looking for stickers and the like to decorate eggs with I stumbled across a stamp kit from Martha Stewart that  lets you create your own family tree.  I snatched it up!  How fun this will be to create a framed family tree  for each of my children.  The great thing is I can make the tree as big or as small as I want with the stamps.


The kit has the base of the tree, a forking branch and two other shapes for branches, two different leaves and two different name plaques.


I thought I would sit down with a piece of paper and write out the part of my family tree I want to include and then sketch out how I will do it before I begin.  Then I will make a trial run on paper and after I am sure I have what I want, I’ll do a permanent one on something sturdy enough to be mounted in a frame.  I thought it would be the best to keep it rather small so the tree could be placed in a grouping of family photos.  Since I happen to have been working on the books for the grandkids, I can use their own family tree adding in their fathers’ lines.  How cute would that be in a hall or somewhere?