Hawaii – Day 6, Kona and the Glass Bottom Boat

We had originally scheduled a snorkel trip, but after being on several islands and being a little chilly every time we canceled the snorkel trip.  Given that it would have been on a day that we had to be back at the ship by 1:00 p.m., I’m glad we did.  That is really not enough time.  Which, I think I should mention, if you are going to plan this trip by yourself pay attention to when the ship is leaving while choosing your excursions.  All the excursions are, of course, planned around the ships sailing times, but if you’re like us you don’t want to feel the pressure of being there on time or getting left.  We have been on our own on other cruises and never really felt like we were in charge of where to be when, particularly if ship time is different from the time on land.  Anyhoo, we rescheduled our excursion to be on a glass bottomed boat in Kona, our stop for the day.

The Kona stop has the ship out in the water so you take an excursion boat, which is also the life raft, to the shore.  The seas were a little choppy that day so that was a little bit of excitement.  But getting from the ship to the glass bottom boat was nothing.  They dropped us off at the only pier, I’m assuming, in Kona and we walked across the pier to the glass bottomed boat.  This is an option of you don’t want to go snorkeling, but I have a feeling snorkeling would have been better, maybe.  I’m not that conversant on the sea life in Hawaii.  The only other place I’ve snorkeled is in the Virgin Islands, so that is my only comparison.

Once again the people leading the excursion were very informative.  They knew all about the reef around the island and the fish inhabiting the reef.  I was just a little disappointed in the lack of diversity of fish.  There were lots and lots of Tang and some other fish, but as you have probably surmised, the only one I can remember is the Tang.  They are yellow, they kind of stick out.  And trying to catch the little buggers on film is almost impossible because you have to do it as the window passes over them. I snapped 16 pictures and this is the only one with a fish in it.

Hawaii - 2013 109

What I remember the most about the trip was the people getting seasick on the boat.  Yep, throwing up, right there in front of God and everyone.  The staff on the boat warned us about this before we left the shore so this must happen on a regular basis.  The combination of going under power and sitting with your head hanging over a glass window in the bottom must do a lot of people in.  I feel very fortunate that I have never been seasick, mildly nauseous, but not seasick.  I am aware though that being below and under power can have that affect on you.  The solution is to get up on deck and in the wind.  That usually solves it for most people.  However, doing that means you don’t get to look though the bottom which is why you came in the first place.

So, I’ll be real honest and say this was my least favorite excursion, but it did get us off the boat.  Afterwards, we walked around Kona for a bit and shopped and then went back to the ship.  An easy, relaxing day.  And by this time we were so relaxed it would have been hard to get us excited about a fire on-board or the ship blowing up or any number of things.