What’s that Smell?

One of my rules as a grandmother is to not expose my grandchildren to morning breath.  Bless their little hearts they want to sit on you early in the morning and then you blast them with bad breath.  I have always taken care to brush my teeth prior to greeting them in the morning.  However, that led to the following discussion with my youngest grandson as he was sitting on my lap one morning letting me watch him play with my Nook.

Will:  What’s that smell, Nanny?

Me:  What smell, Will?

Will:  That minty smell.

Me:  Oh, that’s my toothpaste.  I brushed my teeth.  Would you like to brush your teeth?

Will:  No.

Okay, then!  This child has been quite the challenge in the tooth brushing department.  And gentle suggestion isn’t going to get it done either.