I’m Fat

Yesterday my husband and I went to the first birthday of his only granddaughter/grandchild.   And in this age of immediate social media almost before we were home from the party there were pictures posted on Facebook.  And for the first time in a long time I allowed myself to really look at those pictures and say to myself, “You’re fat.  Do something.”  I was planning on doing something starting this week, but the pictures convinced me I really must start somewhere and keep going.

As a little history, I am a cancer survivor.  I had breast cancer seven, almost eight years ago.  I am also over the age of 60.  And I’ve been on hormone replacement therapy for over two decades.  But the biggest factor in this weight is I’m in a very happy marriage.  I know that sounds really silly, but I have noticed that being married to someone that really loves me and lets me be me has given me every excuse in the book to do what I want and a lot of that involves eating what I want.  I’m not blaming my husband, I’m just saying that is my reality.  It didn’t used to be so.  I was in a very sad marriage before.  My husband was hyper-critical and I was never good enough.  I worked myself to the bone.  Once that marriage ended I didn’t gain weight because I hoped at some point I would remarry and have a chance to really have a loving marriage.  And my husband, who is a widower, will tell you the same thing.  We were very trim when we started dating.

The cancer also led me to a doctor that is always on the cutting edge of what they are learning about cancer.  Annoyingly, he is on the cutting edge of what they are learning about cancer.  I keep asking him just how he plans for me to die because if I followed his advice to the letter I don’t think that would be a possibility.  Fortunately, I haven’t done that so I assume I’m right on schedule for my check-out time.  However, it’s gone past that now.  The latest thing he dropped on me was that there had been a study done recently that said that if a person cut out wheat and refined sugar five days a week their inflammation levels would drop to the point that having it for two days a week would not make a difference.

And that brings me to my point here.  My daughter recently introduced me to the 5/2 Diet.  You eat five days a week and you fast two days a week. Here is a link to Michael Mosley explaining it.  I am starting tomorrow, Monday, April 8th.

Here goes nothing!  When I get brave enough I’ll post the picture from the party and maybe in a few weeks I can also post improvement.  Nothing before this has worked, not restricted calories, not yoga, not working out daily at the gym.  So, wish me luck.  I’m not good at this.