One Thing Leads to Ten

I started out just wanting to make a 3-dimensional family tree.  I had the stamp set from Martha Stewart.  I should have dropped the 3-dimensional part and I would have been fine, but nooooo, I couldn’t do that.  I had already had the idea.  I ordered some dies for my Big Shot thinking that will give me a nice flat cut on my name plates.  And it will.  Problem being the shape of one of the dies doesn’t fit the shape of the stamp in the kit.  Problem Number 1, uh-oh.  I still want the two line trim on the name tag, but I want to use my die.  Problem Number 2:  The circle dies are either too big or two small for the circle stamp.  I am beginning to feel like Goldilocks here.

So, I just spent an hour or more in Hobby Lobby, my one-stop shopping resource, and I think I have the solution.  At least a solution.  The very best solution would have been to buy a printer that takes card stock and printed my name tags and a Silhouette machine that would cut out my name tags exactly like I want them, but we’re talking close to $500 here and I am not going to spend that on a possible one time project.

I’m walking the aisles at Hobby Lobby with my problems well in hand and I come up with these solutions.  My first solution was the Martha Stewart circle cutter that will cut just about any size circle you want.  Then I spied a printing “kit” for a compression machine like my Big Shot.  That was nearly $70.  I don’t want to pay that for something I’m not sure will work with what I have so I begin to assemble what I will need to make my machine do the same thing.  Basically, what I’m going to do is my own offset printing.  And print just like Benjamin Franklin did.  I purchased a tube of ink, an ink brayer and a block of lino which I could use for printing, but I’m going to use to spread my ink on.  I already own a sheet of plastic which I can cut with an X-acto knife to make my printing surface.  And I will use tacky spray to attach that to one of my own plates.   Then roll the ink on top of the plastic surface, put the card stock on top of that and roll the whole thing through my Big Shot offset printing my borders on my card stock.  Then I will use my die to cut them out.  Voila’.  At least in theory it will work.

Supplies for 3-D Family Tree