It’s Curtains

I’ve been making curtains for our dining room and living room.  They are just panels hung by clips since I don’t think the grommet look is appropriate for our living and dining room.  You would think that wouldn’t be that hard.  Just a matter of measuring, cutting, measuring, pressing the edges under, sewing and hanging.  Ah, not so.  Not with me anyway.  The first panel I made was a disaster, but it is hanging in there right now because I simply can’t back up again.  I would have to order more material and we all know what a mess that is.


But I can tell you the easiest way to make panel curtains now.  It just requires a big space to lay out your curtain.  And maybe I can help you avoid the mistakes I made.  I cut my panels.  I had to join two panels together which I did first.  Then I turned under and hemmed my bottom hem.  I then pressed under all the other edges including the header and pinned them down.  I then made my liner.  Once I had the liner made I laid the curtain down on the floor flat (that’s the trick) and laid my liner on top of it, flat.  Then I repinned all my edges except the hem which was already sewn, tucking the lining in under the edges.  I then sewed all the edges down.  This makes the most beautiful panels.  They hang beautifully.


I used what is called a trouser puddle.  It is just a break in the hang of the curtain like the break that occurs on properly hemmed trousers.  We plan to replace our carpet with wood floors someday which means there may be a difference in the length from the rod to the floor.  But the other reason I have fallen on my knees and praised God that I chose to do this is it hides any discrepancies there may be in the hem length.  At this point I would say definitely puddle.

P.S. See that ironing board and iron?  Well, let me tell you, be sure you use the appropriate setting on your iron while you are pressing your curtain material.  These are raw silk curtains and I had the iron set too high on the first panel. (I was simply amazed at how well it held the crease.)  The iron shrunk the material, eee-gads!  Had I not puddled I would really have had to start over.