Tattooed Cookies

If you’ve been following my blog you know I have been working on very special cookies for my Valentine boxes this year.  I went with a tattoo theme mostly because I have three little grandsons.  There are two granddaughters, one of mine and one of my husband’s.  Mine is the only one old enough to be concerned about the cookies though.  The boys won out this year.  I did tone down my design somewhat to not be quite as gory as I’m sure they would have liked.  I have to say, if you really want to do something spectacular this may be it.  I am very pleased with the whole thing.

I ordered my design printed on sugar rounds from Sweet Doodle Bytes.  They arrived very quickly and the people there are really great with customer care.  They let me know that they had tried to get in touch with me to answer my concerns, but the email address failed.  Now, that’s customer service!  Their directions are concise and easy to follow.  I chose to put my little designs in the freezer for 30 seconds and mount them on the cookies with corn syrup.  It was beyond easy.  The freezer makes the little rounds stiff and they pop right off the backing paper.  Then you just spread a little syrup on the cookie and press the design down and there you have it.


I did taste the little arrow that shows you which way is up just to see what they tasted like.  It was kind of like the message candy hearts that we give at this time of year.  And it dissolves in your mouth.  I only ordered enough to make for the kids, so I won’t be eating any of them myself.  I’m sure they will taste delicious though.

This time around I used my special roller bands to get a nice flat and exactly right thickness for my cookies.  What a difference that makes.  They still spread in cooking, but they held their shape for the most part.  That is if I could get them on the cookie sheet without distorting them.  For my purposes I believe they are very good though.


I did make some cookies for the girls and the boys can just tough it out.  I reserved some of my white frosting and tinted the rest a deep pink.  After I got the cookie iced I took my white frosting and made a circle in the center of the cookie.  I then drew a toothpick through the circle and made a heart.  That was kind of fun and I can’t wait to try different designs with more colors.  I’m going to use that idea on the Christmas cookie mittens I always make.


Now I can move on to creating my secret message in a bottle and assemble my boxes.  I’ll have them in the mail on Monday and into their eagerly waiting little hands before Valentine’s Day.

Bon appetit!