Cookies for Valentine’s Day

I am going to combine two projects in one and see how it comes out.  For quite some time I’ve wanted to try edible art.  Not fondant, but the printed sugar sheets you can put on cakes or cookies.  So, for my traditional Valentine cookies I send to my grandchildren this year I’m going to make cookies and apply some edible art with artwork I created.

The concept was that of tattoo art.  I wanted to make a design that looked like a tattoo, get it printed and make my cookies with it.  I’ve spent the better part of this afternoon creating my design.  And here it is:

I have chosen a vendor I’m going to use from the numerous vendors on the web.  If I like the results I’ll let you know who it is.  If you want this design and you can get it to save to your computer, feel free.  Some of it is my own work, but most of it is free clip art. 
Having a background in screen printing, I am hoping that the lines will print thick enough to transfer well.  That may just be a screen printing problem though.  The process used to make edible art is basically an inkjet printer and edible ink.  At any rate, I’m excited to do something that is totally mine for the people I love.
I used Corel Draw to create my design.  Unfortunately, that is what I’m familiar with and most people do not own it, therefore I’m not going to go into all the nuances of making this design.