Apple Cider Vinegar

I swear I will figure this all out somehow.  Anyway, even though I was doing my burst exercises and watching my calories — sort of, I have seen a slight creep in my weight.  I gave it some thought and realized that prior I had been doing the apple cider vinegar/lemon/cinnamon cleanse thing once a day.  Then I started researching apple cider vinegar and realized I may have made a mistake by stopping this daily routine.  So, yesterday I started it again and overnight the weight started dropping off again.  What the…???

So, I did a google and got this information:  Does Apple Cider Vinegar help you lose weight?  Seems there actually is some science behind it.  I need to adjust a little and do a little drink before each meal.  I don’t know about you, but I’m thinking that little packet of Truvia might help keep the drink going down.

So here’s what I’ve made the routine so far:  daily calorie restriction, 1,200 to 1,500 a day, but more towards the 1,200.  Three times a week burst training exercise.  Daily vinegar/lemon juice/cinnamon/truvia drink.  And now two teaspoons of apple cider vinegar in a glass of water before each meal.  As a fair disclaimer — so far I am still drinking a Coke a day, the bottles that total 200 calories.  But with the vinegar I seem to be losing the craving for the Coke.  I might make real progress if I cut out the Coke!  But that’s hard when you’re a Coke-a-holic.

Let me say that I’ve tried all of this stuff before except the vinegar, but not in combination.  I’ve given up Coke for days and weeks and nothing.  I’ve exercised like a wild person every day, at one point for two hours a day and nothing.  I’ve fasted with moderate, but not enough success.  It isn’t until I started combining all these elements together that I felt like I had real hope of turning this around.

Hitting the Weight Loss Wall

Several weeks, maybe over a month ago I blogged that I was doing the 5/2 Diet which quickly became the 14 to 16 hour Fasting Diet.  I’ve been doing that ever since.  I’ve kept my caloric intake below 1500 on most days and normally around 1200 to 1300 a day.  I dropped 6 pounds wham-o.  And then, thud, I hit the wall.  Everyone knows how depressing it is to be hungry most of the day and get on the scales the next morning and not see an ounce of change in your weight.  It leads to eating cake.

Then I saw in Southern Living a new product called SeroVital which is supposed to ramp up your HGH levels which coincidentally should make you lose weight and tighten your skin and make you feel better and — well, it’s just a miracle, isn’t it?  Except it’s taking something that costs $100 a month to maintain.  I thought to myself, there has to be a better, more natural way.  Then I found Dr. Pompa.  The first video of his I watched was one on raising your HGH levels naturally through high intensity burst exercising.  Here’s a link to the video:  Weight Loss and Anti-Aging.  Exercising 10 minutes every other day — uh, I think I can do that!

So, if you watch the video you see he does a simple squat and press with weights as fast as he can for a minute or less.  Then he rests until his breath returns to somewhere near normal or 2 to 3 minutes.  Then he goes again for 3 or 4 repetitions.  I have weights, I have lots of weights.  I know how to squat and press.  I do it.  I am sweating like a pig afterwards.  A very good sign that my body is releasing toxins.  I congratulate myself on a job well done and go about my day.

I get up this morning and there it is!  I’ve lost a little over a pound.  I am now in a territory I haven’t seen in quite some time.  Nothing like success to motivate.